Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leaf Preschool Theme

 Leaves are a fun topic this time of year with them changing colors and falling off the tree!
We always enjoy going out and collecting leaves when we have this theme.  Here is our collection this year.  It is fun to sort them in many different ways; size, shape, color, and so on.
We also enjoy doing leaf rubbings.  My son did a good job all by himself this year.  If you put a leaf under the paper and use a crayon you can get this fun look.
 There are also several sources that have fun leaf activities.  Making Learning Fun has leaf and Fall activities like this counting one below.
 There are several free printable packs worth checking out.  I have used them all throughout the years.

My son wanted to make little leaf men so he glued googly eyes on some of his leaves and gave them mouths with a marker.
 For more ideas from my previous Leaf Themes you can check out the links below.

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