Thursday, October 13, 2011


We finished reviewing the letters of the alphabet yesterday.  We will be reviewing in a few more times throughout the year. 

Today however, we talked a little about Fall.  In particular we talked about leaves.  We did several activities from Homeschool Creation's Fall Fun Preschool Pack.  Check it out.  It's got a lot of fun activities!  She has other great preschool packs too, by the way. 

We did a couple of different painting leaf projects.  The first one was with fingerpaint.  My son just put some paint on his fingertip and then pressed his finger onto a paper and they kind of looked like leaves.
 We also tried this idea I found at Teach Preschool using egg cartons to make leaves.
 Then we went outside and looked around for different leaves.  We brought some inside and did leaf rubbings with them.  You just stick a leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon across the paper and the leaf appears.  Fun and easy.
The day must have been successful enough because when my son told his older brother about it (my kindergartener) he decided he needed to do all of these activities this afternoon.  :)

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