Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Leaves!  We did some lacing leaf lacing cards that I made a while back.  Just find a leaf template or draw your own if you have the talent for that.  Laminate, punch some holes and cut some yarn and you have yourself some lacing cards.  Easy and fun!
 This activity I made little rakes and attached a magnet, then I cut out leaves and attached magnets to them so that we could pretend to rake up leaves.
 Making Learning Fun has a ton of great leaf/fall activities.  I printed off these a few years ago and we use them every year.  This is a coloring sorting game.
 This is a sequencing game that is numbered 0-20.
 We did leaf rubbings as well with a leaf we found outside.
 I didn't realize how horribly fuzzy this picture is. Sorry about that.  This was  fun game though that I found in this huge Fall Math Pack.

Also worth checking out is this Leave Unit Pack.

You can also check out what we did in 2011 and 2010 for our leaves theme.

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