Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Gathering Time:

Fall Time Poem-  This poem is more about what Fall is than leaves, but it is still fun.  This is one I wrote during my college days. 

"It is Fall time shout Hooray!
It's time to put shorts and swimming suits away.
Fall is the time it starts to turn cold
When snow begins to fall, no one is told.
You'll find many clouds in the sky.
And the cool wind will quickly pass by.
Rain will come but have no fear
This just means winter is near."

Sequencing Leaf Cards

Raking Leaves

Focus Activities:

Go on a nature walk and collect leaves

Leaf Lacing Cards

This are lacing cards I made years ago.  Just make it out of a leaf template and punch holes in for a lacing card!

Other Possible Activities:

Magnet Raking- use real or paper rakes with magnets on them to rake paper leaves that also have magnets attached to them.
Rake leaves


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Ailinh Harris said...

Very cute ideas! Thanks!
(Stopping by from MMB)