Monday, October 7, 2013

Owls Preschool Theme

 Today we had a good time talking about owls.
There are some very cute printables of owls out there.  I think this one may just be the cutest printable pack I have seen.
Totally Tots has  great list of owl activities including this fun owl.  We were out of cheerios to make into an o, but we had apple jacks.  My son wanted a white owl so he didn't color it.
This is a cute number tracker activity with owls.
We changed up this craft a little, but it still the same idea for a paper plate owl.  I used brackets instead of having my son glue the wings to the paper plate.  I did this last year with my middle son and I remember him wanting the wings to move.
We also watched a video clip that I found here along with some more great owl activities.

You can also check out last year's post about owls here.

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Jolanthe Erb said...

I love that owl craft - just so cute!