Thursday, October 3, 2013

Letter O/Octopus Theme

Today we talked about the letter O for octopus!  My computer is functioning again.  However, we stuck to doing another letter since I knew that I was ready to go with that.  We are chugging right along through the alphabet and my son is enjoying that.
Here is the link to Confessions of a Homeschoolers Letter O octopus printables.
We talked about how octopus have 8 tentacles and I put up this little flannel board guy.  He kind of looks more like a jellyfish now that I look back on him.  
We also did this fun O/octopus craft.  I don't have a link to an original source for this idea, but I have seen it floating around various places on the internet.  We cut out o and 8 strips of paper.  Then my son glued cheerios onto the strips and we glued the strips to the O and viola an O octopus!
Check out Starfall's letter O activities too.

Also you can see my post about octopus that I did last year with my middle son.

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