Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ghost Preschool Theme

Today we talked about ghosts.  Sometimes you have to embrace the time of year it is and do silly little themes like this just for fun.
 Three Ghost Friends is hand down the number one place to go for all your ghosting activities.  Seriously, it is awesome.  Here are just a couple of the awesome activities in the picture below.  Dressing up your ghost in costumes and ghost shape matching.
I also told my son the story of the "Five Little Ghosts"  they disobey their mother and eat things that aren't white and turn different colors.  Here is one version of the story.
My son traced around a ghost template and made eyes and a mouth with a pen.  I helped him a little with the cutting around of the ghost.  We poke a small hole on the top and put some fishing line through it and we now have a little ghost hanging up.  We used some vellum since it is sturdy, see through, and I had some on hand.  You could use tracing paper or regular white paper.  My son does good imitations of things, doesn't he?  ;)
You can check out our ghost theme from 2012 that I did with my middle son.
You can also check out what we did for our ghost theme in 2013.

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