Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghost Preschool Theme

Today we had fun with a ghost preschool theme.  I personally hate Halloween, but I still try to make it fun for my kids and what better way than with a few friendly ghost activities.
My boys all love this flannel board ghost story.  There are several versions out there and I usually make up my own, but the link has a good obedience message tied in with it.
Three Ghost Friends is a site loaded and I mean LOADED with ghost activities for kids.  It is so awesome.  If you decide to do ghost activities with your kids it is a must see.  Here are just a few activities from that site that we did today.
This is a shape matching game.
 I am pretty sure this activity was my son's favorite of the day.  We spent a long time on it and went back to it when we were finished with other activities.  It is a little ghost costume activity.  The ghosts get to "dress up" in all these fun "costumes".  I spent the time to laminate these and I am glad I did because I think it will be getting a lot of use.
 My son drew faces on the ghosts.
 This activity was practice for drawing shapes.
 Here is our little craft.  I helped my son paint his hand with white paint and then we put his hand on black paper for a little ghost.  After it dried I drew some eyes and a mouth on it.  My son cut around the ghost pretty much all by himself.  Here he is making a ghost face.
I did several different ghost activities with my middle son last year that you can check out here

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