Friday, October 12, 2012


We talked about ghosts today.  One of my kids favorite stories at Halloween is about 5 Little Ghosts who eat foods they are not suppose to and change colors.  These are the flannel board pieces I use that I made with my Cricut Machine.
 I thought this ghost would be cute to hang up and it gave my son a good chance to practice cutting spirals.
 If you are looking for activities about ghosts to do with your preschooler or toddler Three Ghost Friends is a site you must visit.  We did these activities that I downloaded from that site.
 This little ghost idea came to me and I am glad he turned out.  I cut out tracing paper to look like a ghost, gave him a little face with a black marker, then attached him to a black piece of paper with an eyelet.
 My son was able to cut out and draw faces on his ghosts fairly easily as well.  Since they are only attached at the top I left them a little loose so if he moved the paper a little it looked like they were floating along.

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