Friday, October 11, 2013

Bat Preschool Theme

Today we talked about bats!
We read Stellaluna by Jannell Cannon and used this freebie to help go over what happened in the story.
We also played with these -at rhyming cards.  We talked about what each card started with and the sound that letter makes and how they all end the same which means that they are rhyming words.
We also folded these bat flyers and had fun flying them around.  Here is what the bat looks like unfolded
Here is what it looks like folded and ready to fly.
My son also colored on this bat coloring page.  I was surprised that he wanted to color instead of paint, but I am glad he switched it up.

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Tiffany Hudson said...

A bat theme! What a great idea! I love the rhyming cards!