Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scarecrow Preschool Theme

 As kind of a continuation of our theme yesterday we talked about scarecrows today.
We talked about the different parts of a scarecrow.  I put up the body parts and clothes as we talked about each.  This guy isn't pretty, but he gets the idea across.
My son tried out a color by number coloring sheet for the first time from this really cute scarecrow freebie pack.
We also did a size sorting activity from the same pack.
This is a cute Fall book about scarecrows I read to my son.
This is from a fun scarecrow tot-pack.  I like this cutting activity because for beginner scissor users like my son they can cut along the gray dashes, for more advance cutters they can cut around the shapes.
Here is a fun Autumn pack with a scarecrow puzzle.
I took a bunch of different shapes and had my son build a scarecrow out of the shapes.  He wouldn't pose for a picture with it today.
Here is the link to what I did with my middle son last year with scarecrows.

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