Friday, October 3, 2014

Bats Preschool Theme

Today we talked about bats!
My favorite book about bats is "Stellaluna".  I read this book to my son and then we used these printables to figure out the order that things happened  in.
 This bat flyer is a fun printable that you cut out, fold in the right spots and put a paper clip on it.
The picture at the top shows the bat unfolded and here is my son with him all folded and ready to fly.  He wanted bat ears which is why he has his fingers on top of his head.  :)
 3 Dinosaurs has a Bat and Spider pack.  I used some of the bat activities with my son.
He had to get his bat in on some tracing action.
 Here are some rhyming cards that end in -at.

 Check out my bat themes from previous years.

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