Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Trees

Today was supposed to be our big Christmas Tree day however, my little guy was not feeling well all day.  We did some activities here and there, but not all the ones I had planned.  He just didn't feel up to it.  Hopefully on Monday he will feel all better and we can do some more.  I figured I would go ahead and post all the ideas that we have or will use though.
 There are many Christmas Printable Packs geared to preschoolers out there and many of them have lots of fun tree activities.
One of my favorite activities is this file folder matching game.

Here are some of the packs that I have printed off activities from to use:

2 Teaching Mommies Christmas Trees Pack
Merry Christmas Pack
Christmas Theme Activity Package
Christmas Preschool Printables
Winter Wonderland Pack

I have felt Christmas Trees with little felt pieces to decorate the tree on a flannel board.  If you need a tree template check out this page.
I made these lacing cards a long time ago and I am so glad I did because it is always a favorite when I pull them out.  It is an ornament and a tree.
This is also another little thing I made with scrapbook paper and old cereal boxes.  The child can put the shapes together to make trees.
We made a Christmas Tree using letters of his name.

I did get my son to do a little art project.  He used a fork to paint this Christmas Tree.  He didn't have any desire to decorate the tree up at all, but with the situation being what it was I was just happy he perked up enough to do it for a little bit. I found this idea here.
There are lots of fun Christmas Tree art projects out there.  Here are some more of my favorites:

You can also check out our Christmas Tree themes from previous years 2012,2011, 2010, and 2009.

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