Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Torn Paper Christmas Tree

I am planning on doing this activity with my boys tomorrow with our Christmas Tree Activities.
First you need a template or draw one up of a tree.  Preschool Express has a tree pattern that I used. 
(Note:  I decided after I had printed this off that using green paper would have been smarter because if the paper shows through it wouldn't be as obvious with green background- or whatever color you make your tree)
 Next pick out different paper that you want to use.  I used different green patterned scrapbook paper.  I will let my children pick what colors they want to use.
The next part is fun.  Just tear pieces of paper up.  I would only give a little paper to a child at a time because they generally will go to town with tearing and I like to keep my messes somewhat in control...
 Next glue the torn pieces of paper onto your tree.
 Once you have done that you can be finished or you can help your child (if needed) cut out the tree like I did above.  You could have your child glue it to a piece of cardstock, construction paper or make it into an ornament like I have pictured below.
 To do this ornament I cut the tree out, laminated it, punched a hole through it and tied a string around it.  I am looking forward to doing this with my children.  Check out all of our Christmas Tree Activities

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CarliAlice said...

This is cute! I could probably do this with my granddaughter who is two.

Valerie said...

This is so cute and easy. I have lots of paper scraps that I can let my kids loose with for these.

Casual Blogger Community said...

super cute! Is going on my to-do list.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Hi there! What a great blog you have! I’d love for your to link up to my Tot Tuesdays linky party. Its every Tuesday and a chance to link up crafts, activities, tips, recipes and educational resources for all things TODDLER related. I hope you’ll stop by. Have a great day!


Mel said...

We are not toddlers. But we still had a lot of fun in this. Here's my post if you'd like to take a look. Oh my son is 9 :) http://heismybeloved.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-tree-art.html

Sorry for the coloring it was taken with my camera phone. Thanks again for the great idea!