Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Claus Preschool Theme

Today we did some Santa Claus activities!

We read our favorite books about Santa Claus "The Night Before Christmas" illustrated by Mary Engelbreit and "I Believe in Santa Claus" by Diane Adamson. The first is a classic story of Santa Claus with really fun illustrations.  The second one is a comparison of Santa Claus and Jesus Christ and symbols of Christmas.  We reread both lots throughout the Christmas season.
 We sang "Up on the Housetop" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

There are lots of preschool Christmas packs out there with little things that have to do with Santa.  I enjoy this Santa sizing activity from Little Piles Everywhere.
I found some real cute and fun puzzles that were targeted right for my son here
We also did this Santa Claus paper plate craft.  You can see more about it in my 2011 post about Santa Claus activities.  This post is actually my second most viewed post of all time.We did use white construction paper instead of copy paper and I think it worked better. Doesn't he make a cute Santa?
 The number one activity that all my kids look forward to each year is receiving a personalized e-mail from Santa Claus from Portable North Pole.  I can't say enough good things about it.  My kids have fun watching them over and over again each year.

Here is what we did in 2010 for our Santa Claus theme and in 2012.  I don't vary too much year to year with this theme because what I have already works so well, but it does change a little depending on how old my kids are that I am working with.

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