Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monsters Preschool Theme

Today we did a Monster theme for preschool.  We will actually be stretching out to tomorrow as well because we didn't get to everything today.
There are some real fun monster related books out there for kids.  "Go Away Big Green Monster" is one that my kids have always really gotten into. Making Learning Fun has some great activities to go along with this book.  You can also see a post about this book from 2011 here.
"One Hungry Monster" is another fun book and is great for practicing to ten.  I made these visuals and activities pictured below a few years ago you can find more about them here.
"Where the Wild Things Are" is another fun book.  I suppose they are called Wild Things and not Monster, but it is close enough for me.  Making Learning Fun also has lots of activities that go along with this book.
Another favorite monster book in our house that I haven't done activities for, but is worth reading is "Leonardo, the Terrible Monster".

Here is a fun game online with monsters and letter recognition called Letter Blaster.

Last year when I did a monster theme I found a "Not so Scary Monster Pack" that is awesome.
Here is a fun Mini Monster Book to color and cut out.
What would a monster theme be without some fun Monster's Inc and Monster University activities and of course, watching the movies as well.
You can find some activities for free if you are part of Disney Movie Rewards and I also found some activities here.
Monster's University also has a fun site set up like a real university's site would be.

Inspired by this idea we came up with a little Mike of our own. Of course, the first thing out of my 6 year old's mouth when he saw it after school was, "He is missing his horns." Okay, so it isn't authentic, but my preschooler loves him and had fun helping me make him.

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Sarah said...

So fun and cute! I love his face while he is holding the Mike monster! too sweet :)