Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread Baby

We read "Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett today.  We have been doing this story with activities since my oldest was nearly 2 (he is about to turn 6).  I try to do one or two different things each year, but they enjoy the core activities so I don't go away from that too much.  In fact, I had to reassure my oldest that we would save the most exciting activities for after he was home from kindergarten.

This year I found a fun Gingerbread Baby Printable Pack by Homeschool Creations.  It included a lot of fun activities including this pattern game, as well as some other fun things.

 This is a little game that I made a while back.  Match the baby gingerbread with the larger gingerbread.
 This year I found some gingerbread marshmallows at the store so we used our larger gingerbread men and my son put the right amount of marshmallows on each man.
 We always decorate gingerbread people to hang on our tree. Click here for the recipe.
 We also make cookies.  We have made gingerbread cookies in the past and no one is a huge fan of them so we make sugar cookies instead.  Then we decorate them.
 The gingerbread house tends to be the main event of the day.  We added one of the gingerbread marshmallows in front of the house so our gingerbread baby could have a house, just like in the book.

Jan Brett's website also is a must see for activities for all of her books.  It includes a virtual gingerbread house and some fun videos.

If you are interested in seeing what we've done in previous year's you can check out 2010's here and 2009's here.

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