Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Seasonal Shirts

For Halloween I bought a plain black sweatshirt for my oldest spider costume and a plain white sweatshirt for my 4 year old's ghost costume.  I also had a lot of white fabric from his ghost costume so I decided to make the sweatshirts a little more interesting.  I pulled out my Cricut Machine and cut out some snowmen with my left over ghost costume and used some blue fabric I had on hand for my snowflakes.  My youngest had a plain black onesie so I decided to make it more fun too.  
I used the Joy of the Season cartridge for the snowflakes and Christmas Cheer cartridge for the snowmen.  This is a fun project to do.  I just need to get a better variety of fabric so I can do more!

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Holly said...

I have a bunch of fabric but no Cricut...maybe we'll have to get together and work something out:)