Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Preschool Theme 2014

Today we talked about Easter!  We watched this short video clip about Jesus Christ. We also sand "I Stand All Amazed"  the kids have been learning this song at church so he was able to sing along.
3 Dinosaurs has an Easter Resurrection Pack.
 Confessions of a Slacker Mom has an R is for Resurrection Pack.
 Over the Big Moon has an Easter Pre-K Pack
 Other Packs include:

My son really wanted to make an "Easter Frog".  I don't know what an Easter Frog is, but apparently he does.  :)  I drew a picture of his blankie frog that he sleeps with and he painted it.
 Then he painted an egg.


Rama Pandya said...

This is great theme. A lot of students comes in summer at Manali from Rajkot for their summer vacations.

Raajesh kumar said...

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