Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Creation/Earth Day Preschool Theme

Today is Earth Day so I decided to talk about the creation of our earth and ways we can take care of the earth with my son for preschool.
 I used some visuals I have from my mother from when I was growing up to tell of the Creation of the Earth.  These are also some really cute visuals to use when telling about the Creation.

To reinforce the idea that God created the earth we used this activity where my son cut out the letters and glued "God" where it was supposed to go in the story.
 I also used printables from this Earth Day Pack.
 I also used this printable book to color and talk about taking care of our earth.
 Here are some more Earth Day Printables.  We also got onto Starfall and did their Earth Day activity.
We watched the Scholastic Book DVD that has the story Trashy Town on it. You could also watch Planet Earth videos or Wall-E.
My son painted his own earth with a paper plate and blue and green paint.
I was going to have us go outside and pick up some trash and enjoy the beauty outside, but it is a stormy day so we'll have to enjoy our earth indoors.

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