Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cat in the Hat Preschool Theme

 There are a lot of Dr. Seuss related activities, but I think the Cat in the Hat has the most things available out there when it comes to this author.  

Be sure to check out this Dr. Seuss Learning Pack.
Here is what the rhyming hat game looks like finished.
This Reading Mama has a cute hat to cut out.  I cut out the outline of the hat and let him cut out the stripes and the stripes of white paper.
My son wasn't interested in using the ears, but he decided making a headband hat would be a good idea.  We glued it onto construction paper to make it a little sturdier.
Here is a cute diy photo prop.

Also check out lots of fun Cat in the Hat stuff on and Seussville.

You can also see what we did for our Cat in the Hat Preschool theme in 2012

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