Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr Seuss: The Cat in The Hat

Today we read and talked about "The Cat in The Hat".  My son helped me by reading the first seven pages.  I think he could have read more, but he was getting tired.  I enjoy being able to read books together.

 Living Life Intentionally has some great printables for Dr. Seuss books and we used several today.
 With this activity he colored the c's red, t's black and left the a's white to make a hat.
 With this activity he traced the different shapes.
 For this activity my son cut out the hats and then glued them where it said to (on, under...)
 This activity I found on Homeschool Share.  You matched pictures of things that rhymed or didn't rhyme with hat.
 This activity came from a pack I found at 2 Teaching Mommies.  My son colored the pictures and we made a book to go with at words.
 My son painted this hat read and white.  Then we cut it out and I made a headband so that he could wear it like a hat.
Another fun thing we've done this week has been visiting Seussville for fun games and activities.  

You can also check out PBS Kids for Cat in the Hat games that correlate to the show.

Oopsey Daisy has a fun Dr. Seuss packet that is worth checking out.

Stuff by Ash has a real cute Cat in the Hat craft using a toilet paper roll.  Maybe we'll do that next year.

I can Teach My Child also has a cute Hat to go with this book.

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