Thursday, January 9, 2014

Letter S/ Snowman Preschool Theme

We are going to go through the alphabet again, but this time we will not be going in order.  Today we talked about the letter S and snowman!
There are a lot of fun activities to go along with a snowman theme.  We reviewed the sound the letter S makes and did several activities from Confessions of a Homeschoolers Letter S Snowman Pack.
We read "Snowman All Year" and since we do not own that book I read it online to my son through  We also sang a favorite song, "Once There Was a Snowman" several times.  Here is a video of the song that I made in 2012 if you want to learn it.

Here is a fun freebie book that your child can color and help you read.
We also did a version of this name snowman that you can see here. I didn't want one so big so I cut out smaller circles and my son wrote the letters of his name on each circle.   Then he glued them onto a piece of paper.  He thought that tracing his hands to make stick like snowman arms was a good idea so I helped him do that.  It kind of makes the snowman look angel like, but I don't care because it was his idea and I think it is great to see that creativity come out.
We saw the new Disney movie Frozen at Thanksgiving time and we all loved it.  I came across this Olaf Snowman and new my son would get a big kick out of making his own.  I cut it out and he glued it on some paper.
We also watched the cute song that Olaf sings about summer time from the movie and talked about how snow melts when the weather gets warm.

Here are some more snow and snowman ideas:

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