Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today we talked about snowmen.  There are some fun activities out there for snowmen.  
Today in First Grade has a fun snowman sequencing printable.
We had fun singing "Once There Was a Snowman" with the actions.  Here is a video of my 4 year old and nearly two year old doing the actions.

Playing with Words 365 has a really fun Snowman, Snowman What do you See? Printable book.  We had a lot of fun with this book.
 There are lots of edible and also crafty snowmen projects out there.  We did a simple one using marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and a popsicle stick.  My son had a lot of fun and it was easy for him to hold with the popsicle stick at the bottm.
 Living Life Intentionally has a free Snowman printable pack that includes this snowman scissor practice.

We also enjoyed this Snowman color by sight word sheet that you can find at The Moffat Girls Shop for free.
We haven't done this last idea, but I want to.  It is using circles of a snowman to write your name.  They used their last names.  I will probably do our first names.

And if possible in our area, go out and build a real snowman! 

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Holly said...

Cute video! Porter looks like a little worm while he's getting small small small!