Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter N/Night Preschool Theme

Today we talked about the letter N and Night!
We started today with watching an episode of Blue's Clues called "Pajama Party".  It can be found on Blue's Biggest Stories DVD.  It is a fun episode gives a great overview of why we have night and what we do at night time.  We talked about these things after watching the video and talked about what we do to get ready for bedtime.

Then I had my son cut out and paste the things from this activity sheet onto whether they  are seen during the day sky or night sky.
I made a pajama color matching game.  I found a pajama coloring page and changed the colors on photoshop then printed them off.
Then we did a letter N craft.  I thought this idea was real fun so I went off of that, but did something a little different.  We used origami stars that my husband has folded.

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Amy Rogers said...

Do you happen to have a file you could share with the pajama color matching cards? I am running a playgroup for 0-5 on Tuesday night featuring Llama Llama Red Pajama and it would be a perfect activity. I would be happy to pay for the file if you would like.