Friday, March 27, 2009

Preschool Activities for Mar.30-Apr.3

Language ArtsHis Servants The Prophets Flannel Board story
MathCount how many holes we punch for Easter Basket (see art)
Science/CookingPeanut Butter 'n' Chocolate Chip Snack Mix (Silly Snacks pg. 60)
Music/Gross MotorApostle Song
Art/Fine MotorPaper Plate Easter Basket

March 31
Language ArtsRead "Over in the Meadow"
MathFlannel Board Lamb Game
Science/CookingShow pictures of lambs from internet
Music/Gross MotorMary Had a Little Lamb
Art/Fine MotorHandprint Lamb
Language Arts
April 1
Read "Guess How Much I Love You"
MathEaster Shaped Lacing Cards (minus bunny)
Science/CookingTalk about what rabbits eat and have them for a snack (carrots,lettuce…)
Music/Gross MotorBunny Hopping
Art/Fine MotorMake a lamb using cotton balls

April 2
Language ArtsThese Two Rabbits (finger play)
MathBunny Lacing Card
Science/CookingBunny Biscuits
Music/Gross MotorActing like a bunny
Art/Fine MotorBunny Headband

April 3
Language ArtsTale of Peter Rabbit (online)
MathRabbit Puzzle
Science/CookingShow pictures of different types of rabbits
Music/Gross MotorLittle Bunny Foo-Foo
Art/Fine MotorBunny Bag

It looks as though my preschool activity posts might be wanted by someone so the above is what I have planned for next week. Sometimes I have religious activities planned so it may not make any sense to you unless you are LDS. At this point I am also planning on doing a countdown to Easter that I will try to post about later. As you can see we are springing right into some Easter activities. I love Easter and Spring! I also want to point out that although I have all these ideas planned things don't always go as I want them too. Sometimes we get busy with other things, sometimes my son wants nothing to do with what I want him to do, sometimes I have to adjust my plans to fit my son better. Just remember to be flexible (something that is hard for me). Follow your child's lead. Chances are if they aren't having fun, you aren't either!

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Bee said...

I'm trying to come up with ideas for our playgroup this Fri. YEAH! Everything is so helpful! I have found a ton of ideas :)

Thank you!