Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Flannelboards are wonderful tools to use with young children. Personally, I love them. Here is the one I made. I took a piece of plywood, cut out some flannel to wrap around and then used a staple gun to attach it. I've also seem smaller ones using a cereal or cracker box. I am thinking of making a couple of those for my boys to use at church or in the car or something of that nature. You can use felt, sandpaper, flannel, velcro, or anything else you can think of that will stay on flannel to put on the backs of the pieces. You could even just put a little tape on the back if you don't want to put anything permanent on them. I love using flannelboards for stories, games, songs, and anything else I can think of.
Here are some links to some great printables:

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Cool! I was thinking about doing something like that. Thanks for the ideas.

Missy Grossman said...

Great idea. I have been in the process of making one for quite a while, but I think what I decided to do instead of flannel is to put some scrap metal from an a/c place in a picture frame and put small magnets on the back of pictures, and then have some magnets handy to put other pictures up that I don't want to glue stuff to.

Mabel said...

I voted yes on your poll to keep showing your activities. Not because I use them (obviously), but for purely selfish reasons, I like to see what my little grandsons are doing! Yes, I know purely selfish, but I like seeing your activities.