Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread Day

Our gingerbread day actually had very little gingerbread in it. My husband is not a fan and I'm not planning on eating a bunch of goodies so we improvised.

We read "Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett to kick off our day. Then we made some sugar cookies and gingerbread men shapes. We had fun decorating them and putting some Christmas sprinkles on them all. While the gingerbread men were baking I pretended that one of them had escaped from the oven so we went on a little hunt for the missing gingerbread men. I printed off a gingerbread baby from Jan Brett's website and hid it when my son wasn't looking.
We also did a gingerbread house since the little boy in the "Gingerbread Baby" built a house. I put it together last night using graham crackers and Wilton's frosting (I made). That was it was set up and we had an easy time decorating it today. It worked well. Last year I made a gingerbread house from the kits you can buy at the store and it was just too much work for me to put into it for my two year old to throw candy on so I opted for this much simpler version.

We also made some paper bag gingerbread houses. Actually I made this one to look like a gingerbread house and my son just had fun putting the Christmas pieces on randomly. We are going to put some cookies we made in the paper bags and give them away to some brave people. :)

Here are some of our finished cookies. Both my sons enjoyed tasting one for themselves. They approved so hopefully that means they are good. My husband will be taste testing them as well before I go giving anyway away!

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