Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree is up

Our Christmas tree is finally up. We put all the decorations that we've made so far on it. We will continue to add more as we make them. I am working towards having only handmade decorations on our tree. So far we have a paper chain around the tree. We also have our gingerbread boy ornaments, tree ornaments, cone ornaments, and a few candy canes we made out of pipe cleaner. Oh, and my husband does origami so we have a few things he has folded hanging up.

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Marci Roberts said...

Dallin came home with a cute/easy project from preschool today. The teacher traced one of his feet to make a reindeer head and then traced both his hands to make antlers, put on a round circle for a nose and some googly eyes and it made for a very cute Rudolph. I thought it might be something you could do with your kids.