Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stocking Crafts

We did some simple, yet fun stocking crafts today. I cut out the stocking shapes with construction paper.
With the first one my son glued cotton balls to the top of the stocking. He didn't want to do much coloring so that was it.
The second we used two pieces of construction paper glued together. I punched holes in them and then let my son lace the stocking with yarn. He had fun pulling the yarn through. Again, he didn't want to color or decorate the stocking. These are real simple and yet fun things to do. Practicing using glue is always helpful and lacing is a great skill to develop. I kept the day more low key since yesterday was full of lots of activities.

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tara @ kidz said...

I think I have one of these in my scrapbook. They are timeless! Love it.