Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zoo, Day Two

Today I got on www.youtube.com and found Silly Symphony's version of "The Tortiose and the Hare" and showed it to my son. We also watched a couple of other zoo animal oriented clips on youtube. We had Zebra pudding, which is vanilla and chocolate layered pudding. We also made this Penguin. Mainly, I made it with a little help from my son with the glueing and then he played with it. We also played a lot with different toys my son owns that have to do with animals that you can find in the zoo.
I am trying not to overwhelm my son with going overboard so we are only doing a few things a day with the theme, at least one snack, a game, story, art, and perhaps a movie. I like to set goals that I want to achieve with my themed days and my goals this time are fairly basic. I want my son learn what a zoo is and I want to help him learn some names of animals he hasn't seen before. As always, we are working on our colors and counting. I find that having a goal in mind helps me with my planning. We are having a good time with our theme so far.

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