Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zoo Week, Day Three

While I was planning for this week I got on our local zoo's website and saw a list of animals we have at our zoo so I could focus particularly on those animals.
Today we made Animal Faced Sandwiches for lunch (pictured above). My son was more interested in eating the raisins then putting them on the bread so I did that part, he had a good time putting the carrots around the bread though. We also made Bird's (second picture) Nests for our afternoon snack (also called Reese's Haystacks). You melt a 10 oz bag of Reeese's pb chips and 1 Tb. of shortening stir it up and add in 5 oz of chow mein noodles. Then put some chunks on wax paper. You can stick in the the fridge to get it to set up faster. You could also add jelly beans or something like that for eggs. We also made a couple of paper plate snakes (third picture). My son loves them. We sang Five Green and Speckled Frogs and used some frog visuals I cut out. My son is still having a good time with the match up game I made. We play with it at least once everyday.

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