Thursday, July 17, 2008


A little while back mother-in-law e-mailed me a link to this website She thought it was a really cute idea and so did I so I finally got around to trying one out. My son loves the movie Cars and anything to do with it so we decided to try out the Cars Tot-Book first. It was a big hit. I did a few things a little differently just to experiment on what works and doesn't. I laminating everything and since I don't have a hefty stapler I just punched holes in the card and used ribbon to tie them together. I think it works pretty well. The name part is a little difficult to use with the laminating so if I had that to do over I probably would laminate that part. I also used my Cricut Machine ( to cut out the letters of his name so they'd pop out of the page a little more. Here are some pictures. Check out her site for more cool ideas. (oh and sorry you'll have to turn your head to look at one of the pictures...oops). Oh, and by the way my son is enjoying his tot-book.


Carisa said...

Adorable, I LOVE what you did with the mini books, I kept trying to think of a way to laminate them, your way is awesome!! Thanks for sharing, I will be linking it up on the Cars tot book page so others can see!!


Mabel said...

What a cute picture of Vance in his Cars shirt at his Cars table, looking at his Cars book. The book turned out really cute! Do you have a laminating machine?

Nikki Fuller said...

how did you glue the laminations together like for the name? I am currently doing a Word World tot book from Carissa and I tried elmer's white glue with no luck, it just kept sliding around.