Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pizza- Day Four

We tried out Veggie Pizza today for a snack ( It was not a big hit for my toddler, although I think it would be great for older children who aren't afraid of trying new and different foods. It is very colorful as you can see. Next time I think we'll skip the pizza crust and just use it as a dip. That way my son can pick out his favorite veggies and not worry about the rest of them.

For a little art project we did this: It is a paper plate and pieces of paper for the cheese and toppings and my son colored the plate with a red marker for the sauce. You can find more complete instructions by going to looking up pizza and then going to the art section.

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Mabel said...

You all have had a fun pizza filled week. Has Vance had fun doing all the different things? Do you have another theme planned for next week? You are so creative!