Friday, June 13, 2008

Pizza- Day Five

Our last day of the pizza theme was interrupted with other things going on in our life. However, this day was just a relaxing day to play with the dramatic play area before taking it down. My son helped me take some of it down. Something we didn't do, but I think would be fun is to help your child learn some restaurant etiquette and then practice by taking them to Pizza Hut or your favorite pizza parlor.


marisa said...

I found your blog via sugardoodle and I think that it is great! Thanks for sharing, I am excited to use your ideas with my little girls. I had completely forgotten about the Pizza Hut song until I saw it on your blog, I remember singing it as a counselor at Academy for Girls at BYU years ago! I found this great book called And the Cow Jumped over the Moon by Pam Schiller, you ought to check it out as it has some great ideas in it! I look forward to visiting your blog in the future.

mommymelb said...

You are really so stinking creative! My kids would love a mom like maybe I'll steal all your ideas! :)