Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Family Preschool Theme

Today we talked about one of my the best things in the world, family.
 I helped my son go through pictures of our family members and pick some out to make a collage with.  He enjoyed gluing the pictures onto the small poster board we had and then we hung it in his room.  As we did this we talked about the different members of our family and how each family is different.  Some families have lots of kids, some don't have any, some only live with one parent, some are mostly boys (like ours), some our mostly girls, and so on.

The Little Critter books are a great place to look into books about families.  We read a couple of the ones we own.

We also sang a lot of songs.  Our church's Children's Songbook includes lots of songs about family.  They learned a new song at church this year called, "The Family is of God" and we enjoyed singing that together.  My son knows the chorus pretty well and I helped him on the verses.

Last year we made a family tree and did some other family activities as well.  You can check it out here.

Last night we did this little family craft to hang up for Thanksgiving time.  It is a nice time of year to focus on being thankful for our families.

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