Friday, October 24, 2014

Scarecrow Preschool Theme

Today we focused on talking about scarecrows.  The book we read yesterday had a scarecrow at the end so it is nice to do the two themes back to back or joined together.
 There are several fall packs that you can find for free to print off.
 I made these scarecrow cards many years ago.  I wrote the body part that the arrow is pointing at on the card.  Have your child point to each body part on their own body with each card.
 This is a fun little scarecrow book called Scarecrow Loves Fall.
 We had a great time doing some scarecrow themed songs and finger plays.  You can see many ideas to use at this website.

My son also enjoyed making a shape scarecrow.  I had many shapes cut out and he chose which ones he wanted to use to build his own little scarecrow.
You can also check out my 2012 post and my 2013 post about scarecrows.

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