Thursday, September 4, 2014

Apples Preschool Theme

Today we did one of our favorite preschool themes, APPLES!
 There are so many great apples activities for preschoolers.  I am just going to skim the surface today.

3 Dinosaurs has an apple pack with tons of great printables (my colored ink cartridge was low).
Confessions of a Homeschooler has a letter A/Apple pack.
A Teaching Mommy also has an apple pack
Big Apple Little Apple is a fun file folder game matching up the large and small apples.
Making Learning Fun has all kinds of activities and ideas with apples including sequencing apple tree pictures.
 My son's favorite activity was taste testing apples.  I kept it pretty basic this year, but you can see what we did last year for our apple theme here.
I was surprised to find that he really enjoyed the Granny Smith apple.  I thought he'd think it was too sour, but hear he is giving me a thumbs up.
 My son also did apple prints.  Dip half of an apple in paint and stamp a blank piece of paper.
 My son read "Ten Apples Up On Top!" by Dr. Seuss to me.
 We also had a good time watching the cartoon of Johnny Appleseed.

Here is a link to what I did in 2010 with my older boys.
Here is a lapbook about apples.
Kidssoup also has several apple activities.

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