Thursday, August 28, 2014

All About Me Preschool Theme 2014

Today  we had an "All About Me"  preschool theme.  I find it a fun theme to do at the beginning of the preschool year.  
 This "I Am Special" printable book is a lot of fun for kids to do.  They can color, draw, and practice writing a little bit as well.
Here is my son working away on his booklet.
 We enjoyed reading several Mercer Mayer Little Critter Books.  I love his books for preschoolers.  They talk about many things that children at that age are dealing with and learning in such a cute and fun way.
 We also watched "What I Am?" by Will and the Sesame Streets Characters.  It is a catchy, fun tune.

My 2013 blog post on my All About Me theme is my most popular posts to date.
I also did this theme in 2012 with my middle son.

Here are some other fun ideas for this theme:

Who Am I? on Starfall
The Human Body Printables
My Body printables
All About Me Pendant

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