Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Outings in August

I have not been good about blogging our activities the last few weeks.  School starts tomorrow for my first grader.  I will be doing preschool again with my soon to be 5 year old so hopefully I will be better about posting what I do with him than I have with our summer activities as of late.  Anyway, here are some fun places that we went.

We walked around the South Jordan Temple Grounds.

 We visited the Living Planet Aquarium.
 We visited the Provo Temple.
 We went to Thanksgiving Point on $2 Tuesday and saw the Gardens.
 We also visited the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.
 We played indoor miniature golf.
 We went to Willow Park Zoo.
 We visited the Logan Temple.
 We went to the Brigham City temple open house.
 We did a scavenger hunt at temple square in Salt Lake.

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