Monday, December 12, 2011

Nativity Story

Today we had a special preschool lesson talking about the birth of Jesus.  I tried to make the day special so that my son would remember it and think about it as we celebrate Christmas.

I found a Nativity Play with cute visuals that I used as flannel board pieces as I told the story of Christ.  I plan to use these again Christmas Eve.  The play is cute and short.  Great for young children and it has some songs included in it as well.
I used these cute printables for a memory game of all of the different people and things that are involved with the Nativity Story.
 There are a lot of cute preschool packs out there having to do with Christ's birth.  Here are some activities from Over the Big Moon that we did.  (There are lots more included in this pack too.)

 Confessions of a Homeschooler also has Jesus activities like these pictured below.
 We also made Baby Jesus Haystacks (you can put a marshmallow on top for a baby Jesus too).
 I had some Nativity Scene stickers so my son used them to make his own Nativity scene.  Then he wrote "Jesus" on the paper.  It was a fun little project to do and  a good review of people who came to see Jesus.

We also played with our Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set.

You can check out my Nativity Story activities from last year here

KatherineMaries also has a great collection of Nativity activities that is a must see if you have young children.

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