Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Airplane Onesies and Shirts

I will be honest, I have been a little timid about cutting anything but paper and card stock on my Cricut Machine.  I have tried doing vinyl and even did some glass etching projects last summer, but I finally decided to try cutting fabric with it.  I am glad I did.  I watched or read about a dozen tutorials on how to do it and most did it a different way!  I guess you can pick which way works best for you.  I started with a onesie for my little guy.
My oldest son loved it so much he asked me to make one for him to and I couldn't very well make him one without making our other son one.  I've done two onesies now and two t-shirts.

I used Heat N Bond Ultra to iron them on.  I have seen a lot of people sew around their design, however I am not much of a seamstress so I am hoping ironing it will work well enough.  If that is not the case over time I guess I will be asking my mom for some help sewing around them!

For anyone wondering exactly how I cut my fabric I used a brand new blade and mat.  I ironed on the Heat N Bond following the directions on the bag and put it on the mat fabric face up.  I put my blade at 4, speed at 2, and pressure at 5.  Then I followed the rest of the Heat N Bond instructions to iron them on to the shirt.  Simple and Fun!

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Lindsay said...

These are adorable! Great job creating them!