Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Feather Count

Later this week we will be doing a Turkey Themed day.  This is one of the activities we will be doing.  It is a Turkey Feather Count. 
First I typed in turkey clip art on a search engine and found this cute guy.  I printed off five copies onto cardstock, cut it out and then numbered them 1-5.
Side Note:  I did cut feathers off of him.

 Then I cut out 15 different feathers on different colored cardstock.  You could use all of the same color if you wanted or a variety like I did.
 The final step is all for your child to take care of.  :)  Lay out the five turkeys and have your child match the corresponding number of feathers to each turkey (1= 1 feather, 2= 2 feathers, and so forth)
I think this will be a hit out our house, I'm hoping anyway!

Check out our entire Turkey Themed day!

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Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

What a fun little counting turkey! I think I'll borrow this idea, but maybe use popsicle sticks as the "feathers". Thanks!

Michelle said...

Very, very CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Jackie H. said...

This is so cute. I had seen an idea to roll a die and put that many feathers on a turkey but my little one (age 2) seemed confused by the two step (roll the die, count the feathers). This would be a little more straight forward. I think I'll also steal Little page turners idea and use popsicle sticks too. thanks for sharing!