Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food Pyramid: Meat and Beans

We made it through our Food Pyramid lessons.  It was interesting.  I wasn't sure how my children were going to take to it and it was a stretch for me which is part of the reason I wanted to try it.  My oldest son who will be five next month seemed to enjoy each day.  He can't name all of the groups, but he know for example that bread is in the orange group and things like that.  He knows that the green group is the vegetable group and the blue group is the milk group.  My main goal was to try and help my children learn about why we need to eat healthy foods and have candy only on occassion.  My three year old seemed uninterested in this topic.  It could be because he is such a picky eater, but mainly I think he is just too young right now to grasp an abstract topic like this.  He was very disappointed today when he realized we were doing another group in the food pyramid instead of turkeys!

Meat and Beans was a hard group for me to plan for.  I didn't want to just focus on one animal or go into detail of eating these cute little animals they love.  :)  Overall, I don't think today was overly successful except for the peanut butter play dough.  They loved that!
Gathering Time:
Point out where the meat and beans group is on the pyramid
Have pictures of different animals that give us meat and talk about each one
Have a picture of eggs and talk about where we get eggs
Focus Activities:
Make chicken nuggets (for dinner)
Make a meat and cheese or peanut butter sandwich (for lunch)
Other Possibilities:

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