Friday, November 12, 2010

Food Pyramid: Milk Group

I decided I wanted to focus on the Food  Pyramid this month and got busy planning, but soon realized I was going to have to cram things in if I also wanted to have some Thanksgiving focused preschool lessons.  I knew that we were going to be out of town for a day and a half this week (yesterday and this morning) so I kept this lesson pretty low-key (or in other words kind of pathetic).  To top it off my boys were a bit uninterested in doing preschool today, but I carried forward anyway.  It's unfortunate because I think this lesson has a lot of potential.  I'll just have to do it again in the future.  :)  That's just life sometimes...
Gathering Time:
Point out the Dairy section on the Food Pyramid
Focus Activities:
Taste Test different Dairy Products- We ended up only having cheese.
Color the “Thank Goodness for Cows” book- I guess they were worn out from our other coloring activities because they had no interested in coloring this book, but it is a cute book that we used in our Gathering Time as well.
Make own Dairy Cow Finger puppets
Other Possibilities:

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