Saturday, February 6, 2010

Preschool Activities February 8-12, 2010

Color Pink
Language Arts- Read "Three Little Pigs"
Math- Pig and trough color matching
Science/Cooking- mix red and white finger paint to get pink
Gross Motor/Music- Sing "Pink" tune of Jingle Bells
Art/Fine Motor- paint with pink finger paint

Heart Shape
Science/Cooking- Talk about hearts and where they are on our body and what their purpose is
Art/Fine Motor- Heart Wreath

Language Arts- Read "Guess How Much I Love You"
Math- Valentine's Candy counting
Science/Cooking- Scavenger Hunt
Gross Motor/Music- Sing "Love One Another"
Art/Fine Motor- Heart Men

Language Arts- Read "I Love you Because You're You"
Math- Patterns of Love File Folder Game
Science/Cooking- Make Rice Krispy Kisses (use funnel to get chocolate Kiss shapes)
Gross Motor/Music- Sing "Ten Little Valentines" Tune of "Ten Little Indians"
Art/Fine Motor- Contact paper heart

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