Friday, October 23, 2009

Preschool Activities Oct. 26-30

Oct. 26- Spiders
Language Arts"The Very Busy Spider" By Eric Carle
MathCount how many legs spiders have
Science/CookingTalk about how spiders have 8 legs and eyes
Music/Gross Motor"Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Art/Fine MotorSpider hats
Oct. 27- Ghosts
Language ArtsFive Little Ghosts- make flannel board ghosts
MathCount ghosts from L.A.
Science/CookingMake mashed potatoes (shape like a ghost)
Music/Gross Motor
Little Ghost
Art/Fine MotorTissue Ghosts
Oct. 28- Skeletons
Language Arts"The Skeleton inside You" by Philip Balestrino
MathCount how many bones we put together in with our art
Science/CookingTalk about what our bones do for our bodies
Music/Gross MotorBones
Art/Fine MotorMr. Bones
Oct. 30- Witches
Language ArtsIf I was a Witch
MathWitch Button Match
Science/CookingWitch Hat cookies
Music/Gross MotorWitch Spell
Art/Fine MotorWitches Hat

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