Thursday, October 29, 2009

November 2-5

Nov.2- Letter "N"
Language ArtsFind the letter "n" in the newspaper
MathCounting Nuts
Science/CookingTalk about noses- smell
Music/Gross MotorGo on a nature walk and point out things that start with "n"
Art/Fine MotorDecorating "n" using pictures of noses
Nov. 3- Number "8"
Language ArtsRead "Eight Silly Monkeys"
MathFelt Board 8
Science/CookingTalk about how octopus have 8 legs
Music/Gross MotorEight Black Legs
Art/Fine MotorNumber 8 Necklaces
Nov. 4- Scarecrows
Language Arts"The Little Scarecrow Boy" by Margaret Wise Brown
MathScarecrow Shape and Cut
Science/CookingThe purpose of a Scarecrow
Music/Gross MotorScarecrow Song
Art/Fine MotorScarecrow
Nov. 5- Diamond shape
Language ArtsShape Monster
MathDiamond Puzzles
Science/CookingBread into diamond shape
Music/Gross Motor"This is a Diamond"
Art/Fine MotorMake diamond crowns

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