Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preschool Activities June 22-26

June 22- "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie"
Language ArtsRead, "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Joffe Numeroff
MathCounting cookies (using a cookie jar (any jar will do) and cookies (paper)
Science/CookingBake chocolate chip cookies
Music/Gross MotorPlay charades- acting out parts in the story
Art/Fine MotorMouse Finger Puppet
June 24- square
Language ArtsFill a bag with different household items with square shape and talk about them
MathSquare match up game
Science/CookingMake waffles
Music/Gross MotorSing "Squares"
Art/Fine MotorSponge Painting
June 25- Four
Language ArtsTeaching Rhyme- writing in fours
MathLook for the number 4 around the house
Science/CookingFour Seasons
Music/Gross MotorFour Seasons Song
Art/Fine MotorMake a number four out of beans
June 26- Nose
Language ArtsTalk about our noses and how our nose helps us smell things
MathCount how many things we smelled from our science activity
Science/CookingIt Smells Like…
Music/Gross MotorSing "The Smelling Song"
Art/Fine MotorFlowers

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Sheena said...

Just came upon your blog and wanted to tell you how great it looks. I love the set-up for how you plan your days with a theme and then use all of the different subjects. I'll be looking through it to find more ideas. You can check out my blog at
(It's always nice to find fellow members of the church on the web.)