Monday, February 23, 2009

Preschool Activities

My son is three and so I decided that since he isn't currently enrolled in a preschool (that may change in the future) I wanted to make that I am helping head in the right direction for learning some skills he will need to know in the years to come. Children learn through play, but helping them learn skills through that play is important, I believe. Anyway, I figured I would share what we do on this blog. I haven't decided for sure what format I will use and how much/often I'll post our schedule so please be patient with me as I figure everything out.
For now, here our the plans for next Monday, March 2nd. This happens to be Dr. Seuss's birthday so everything we do will be from one of his books.

Language Arts Read the following books together: "The Foot Book", "The Cat in the
Hat", "One Fish, Two FishMarvin K. Mooney, Please Go Now", ""

Math Separarting and counting colored goldfish "One Fish, Two Fish..."

Science/Cooking Measure feet and put them in order from smallest to biggest "Foot Book"

Music/Gross Motor Act out different ways we can leave a room- "Marvin K. Mooney"

Art/Fine Motor Make a "Cat in the Hat" hat- I didn't link this. There are many versions of
this activity. I haven't decided which one to use yet.

Some days we will have themes, some days we won't. Some days will be big and other days will be more low-key.

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